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[audio]Nadja - (2010) Autopergamene - Nadja
Nadja - (2010) Autopergamene
Keywords: Drone Metal
Downloads: 5
[audio]tree on takeoff
Keywords: noise drone metal
Downloads: 46
[audio]The Winter War In Tibet - The Graveyard Sessions (2009)
2009 Minsk All Rights Reversed. Haletski - guitar, Kozych - bass, Gryzlof - drums, Lukanin - guitar, Zverev - midi, Morozov - saxophone.
Keywords: Noise-Rock; Drone Metal
Downloads: 660
[audio]greg g - tribute to dylan carlson (20k171) 2005 - greg g
drone metal for the low bitrate electronic folks! this is a tribute to the guitarist from earth, dylan carlson (the guy that bought the shotgun that killed kurt cobain) and his "drone metal" guitar stylings, but played with electronics instead. maximum volume yields maximum results!
Keywords: electronic drone metal
Downloads: 508
[audio]simulacro: una de vaqueros ep - simulacro:
1. Domingo Leone 4:43 2. biwa fantasma 4:26 3. testigo criollo 3:19 4. el recuerdo de Armónica 5:01 Duración total: 17:31 Estas piezas se construyeron a partir de improvisaciones que posteriormente se editaron y reamplificaron. Experimentos para guitarra WAV. Inevitablemente hay descarrilamientos, explosiones, nubes de polvo y bandidos. Todos queremos ser el vaquero sin nombre. El sonido se reconfigura y transfigura mostrando su naturaleza plástica...
Keywords: minimal thrash, drone metal
Downloads: 126
[audio]simulacro: ¡mono! ep - simulacro:
1. alpha niger 6:33 2. planetoide beta cuatro 3:15 3. mare magnum 4:48 4. cuatro cuervos 7:04 El tema de estas piezas es el sonido de guitarras amplificadas. Utilizan el sonido estratificado de las grabaciones de rock y el vocabulario sonoro e interválico del heavy metal. La consistencia rí­tmica y austeridad musical provienen del territorio formal del minimal techno. En su grabación se tomó como ejemplo la confrontación y el acabado urgente del harcore punk y la independencia del downtown...
Keywords: minimal thrash; drone metal
Downloads: 278
[audio]simulacro: cuatro ep - simulacro:
1. hangar 197 X2. nebulizador etérico3. escudo cerámico4. instrucción clasificadaTiempo total: 20:09*simulacro: construcción y ensamble, guitarras materiales y espirituales, amplificadores y procesos.registrolatente.blogspot.com, registrolatente @ archive.orgEnero - Febrero 2013San Luis Potosí, México.Imágen de portada a partir de: GPN-2000-001276. Cortesía NASA.minimal thrash, drone metalThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Keywords: minimal thrash; drone metal
Downloads: 119
[audio]simulacro: 1997. Escape de Abstractia ep - simulacro:
1. aterrizaje en wtc 3:39 2. cápsula presidencial 4:27 3. un planeador sobre Leningrado 2:53 4. fusión nuclear 3:11 Duración total: 14:11 Estas piezas se construyeron a partir de improvisaciones con un pulso de metrónomo común. Las partes son una reacción ante un agente ausente. La interacción y el conflicto son el producto de la superposición de dos capas sonoras. La interzona entre dos sustancias es el inicio de la comunicación...
Keywords: minimal thrash; drone metal
Downloads: 148
[audio][YESNO 012] Serigala Jahanam - Ketika Pria Memakan Wanita - Ketika Wanita Memakan Pria - Yes No Wave Music
Serigala Jahanam merupakan band yang dikomandoi oleh Dede yang juga editor sebuah newsletter Wasted Rockers asal Bandung. Band ini memainkan musik metal yang kurang begitu diperhatikan di blantika musik metal nusantara. Boro-boro Log Zhelebour, bahkan mas Sam Dunn aja luput membahasnya di film dokumenternya yang lagi naik daun dan jadi pedoman metalhead muda abad ini. Musik ini biasa disebut dengan nama sludge metal atau drone metal...
Keywords: Drone Metal, Sludge Metal, Serigala Jahanam
Downloads: 5,662
[audio]i AM esper - III Shadows [wh193] - i AM esper
i AM esper returns with a trinity of guitar-based drone compositions, two with a "metal" feel, and one soothingly ambient. "The tracks are based on a concept I had when walking home late at night by this one corner where I always see 3 shadows of my self. I thought maybe one shadow was a different dimension of my self, one being depressed one being angry and one being timid all kind of fused into one being ...each track represents that." --J.P...
Keywords: drone metal; guitar drone; drone; soundscape; i AM esper
Downloads: 241
[audio]Antip Depressant - 3/2 (EP) [2011] - ARRRecords
1. Ulcers [06:24] 2. Pioneers and Little Octobrists [09:48] 3. Only Us [07:06] Total time [23:21]
Keywords: sludge; drone metal; post-punk; noise; doom; industrial; trash
Downloads: 192
[audio]Taste The Doom - Edition One Mix - Taste The Doom DJ Squad
Taste The Doom - WORLD'S FIRST WHISKY TASTING ACCOMPANIED BY DOOM METAL Follow us at http://www.tastethedoom.com
Keywords: whisky; whiskey; doom; drone; doom metal; drone metal
Downloads: 68
[audio]Body 13 - #099: ἌΓΓΕΛΟΣ ΠΟΝΟΚΈΦΑΛΟΙ: Learn How to Float - Body 13
Body 13; #099: ἌΓΓΕΛΟΣ ΠΟΝΟΚΈΦΑΛΟΙ: Learn How to Float 1. Part 1: Merely a Shell Now 2. Part 2: Lift Your Legs to the Skies and Just Let Go 3. Part 3: Encounter Past Souls Amidst the Common Air 4. Part 4: Wander the Sky 5. Part 5: Close Your Eyes and Be With the Void 6. Part 6: You Won't Need Your Bones Where You're Going 7. Part 7: Open Your Eyes, You're Almost There 8. Part 8: Ants From Up Here 9...
Keywords: Drone Metal; Drone; Dark Ambient; Ambient; Electronic; Glitch; Doomettes
Downloads: 41
[audio][AB]-034 Starvation Ritual - Ultimate Headfuck (2008)
23.11.08: Starvation Ritual - Ultimate Headfuck - 36 minutes, spread over 5 tracks. Very fuzzy, sloppy kind of doom metal, inspired a bit by Skullflower and Black Sabbath. The guitars are slow and abrasive, and the drums are oppressive and pounding. Recorded in November 2008. Starvation Ritual was formed in late 2007, out of the ashes of previous noiserock/ doom project Gimp. Starvation Ritual is the sole project of Royce Icon, from Columbus, Ohio, USA...
Keywords: Starvation Ritual; Ultimate Headfuck; Doom/Drone Metal; ABANDONMENT
Downloads: 278
[audio]Black Aurora - Veil [wh139] - Black Aurora
Black Aurora is a synth-based project exploring certain atmospheres in dark ambient and drone metal. "The concept behind the music of Black Aurora was to invoke a dark and empty atmosphere that at certain times would let light shine in, only to engulf it after it had shone too long. Between heavy, droning guitars, dark ambient pads, and the occasional use of church bells and orchestral strings, the music of Black Aurora is not only music, but an experience in creating a one of a kind atmosphere ...
Keywords: dark ambient; ambient metal; drone metal; dark ambient metal
Downloads: 677
[audio][FSC 005] Serigala Jahanam - Astral Altar - Yes No Wave Music
The first single of Serigala Jahanam, a drone/sludge/doom metal band from Bandung, Indonesia.
Keywords: Serigala Jahanam; Yes No Wave Music; Drone Metal; Sludge Metal
Downloads: 734
[audio]Dung Mummy Radio on killradio.org 021413 Shams93 - The Ustad
featuring Shams93 live performance The Ustad spins: Show theme song: Secret Chiefs 3 "The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun)" from the album "Book of Horizons" (2004 Web of Mimicry) "Radio Morocco" cd from Sublime Frequencies SF007 Kenyan Songs and Strings from LP 1950-1952 Igor Amokian cassette from Timelapse label Tori Ensemble live from Meyer Auditorium Concert Series podcast Turgun Alimatov - "Nava" from the cd "The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan" (Various Artists, Smithsonian Folkways, 2001) Qurban Fakir ...
Keywords: maqam oud electronic doom drone metal middle eastern music korean jazz fusion
Downloads: 58
[image]Monk - The Depths - Audio Defect
The EP from this project, which released one EP and one album before being dissolved. All sounds by F. Tyler
Keywords: drone; ambient; drone ambient; drone metal; dark drone; F. Tyler; Audio Defect
Downloads: 3
[audio]NIGHT WORSHIP Temple Volume 1 (Demo Track) - ryan p. jobes
"I've been working on two upcoming NIGHT WORSHIP releases due out this summer (2012). Ever impatient, I wanted to share an early version of this track."-- ryan p. jobesNIGHT WORSHIPPERS: ryan p. jobes: Guitar Scott Siler: Percussion Andrew Weather: Guitar Edan Mason: Recording
Keywords: black metal; drone metal; night worship; Scott Siler; Andrew Weathers; Perpetual Ritual; Oakland
Downloads: 22
[audio]SR053 - The Sun Through A Telescope - Summer Darkyard - The Sun Through A Telescope
Behind your house, in front of your porch, in the sunniest of seasons, the void...
Keywords: The sun through a telescope; spettro records; summer darkyard; tstat; drone; drone metal; doom
Downloads: 29
[audio]SPUTNIKRECORDS021 - Steam Flow & Dark Flow
[SR021] Steam Flow & Dark Flow - Larvae Ligna Mortua
Keywords: psychedelic; experimental; noise; drone; ambient; black; dark; dark ambient; black metal; black ambient; drone metal; ambient black metal; ambient noise
Downloads: 38
[audio]SPUTNIKRECORDS013 - Vlad Shegal
[SR013] Vlad Shegal - Overnight in a sinister forest
Keywords: psychedelic; experimental; noise; drone; ambient; black; dark; dark ambient; black metal; black ambient; drone metal; ambient black metal; ambient noise
Downloads: 82
[audio]Gaels - The Badlands Saga - Fred T. Huennekens
The unofficial first full length from Gaels. Even though this album was conceived and recognized by the band as a conceptual EP, the run time technically qualifies this as a full length effort.Part I: Les Mauvaises Terres a TraverserPart II: Sun Parched Gullies and Alkali FlatsPart III: Arid NightsOriginally released in 2007.
Keywords: Gaels; The Badlands Saga; drone; drone metal; metal; ambient; dark ambient; experimental; down-tempo; heavy; instrumental; music; audio
Downloads: 33
[audio]Sunrise Black Mass * Novitiate (16 Bit Demo) - cOmaRecOrdz
Sunrise Black Mass is the most recent manifestation of the ongoing South American Beauty Culture experiment. Inspired by the drone metal of Sunn O)))), "Novitiate" was created primarily with guitar tracks---extended feedback, sustained power chords and noises that often go unheard. Tinny textures and Eastern sounding harmonics create a track that is huge yet meditative and restrained. SABC and Sunrise Black Mass plan to focus on manufacturing a full length to be released before the summer 2012...
Keywords: Sunrise Black Mass; cOmaWrek; cOmaRecOrdz; Novitiate (16 bit demo); doom; stoner; experimental; dark ambient; drone; drone metal. single
Downloads: 491
[audio]SPUTNIKRECORDS023 - Failure & deafness
[SR023] Failure & deafness - Empty Words
Keywords: psychedelic; experimental; noise; drone; ambient; dark; dark ambient; black ambient; drone metal; ambient black metal; ambient noise
Downloads: 56
[audio]Chimora- Heroin Chronicles
An hour and a half of hideously depressing drone doom the first track starts off with a death throb from a synth programmed only to emit the lowest ultrasonic vibrations, coupled with low guitar feedback, over shit more noise, filter sweeps in the mid and high ranges, eventually building up into a hideous doom metal disaster The second track mixes avant classical, and jazz styles with drone doom and noise...
Keywords: doom; drone; drone metal; drone doom; ambient doom; avant-garde doom; the pet goat; net labels; net albums
Downloads: 1,173
[audio]Chimora - FPS Part One
CHIMORA: drone/doom/noise/black metal. 60 minutes of throbbing doom metal, dark enough to invoke the apocalypse. The first in the series of 5-10 new Chimora albums. An endless supply of possessed ultra slow ambient deathscapes to rot your brain. For fans of Sunn O))), Burial Chamber Trio, Gnaw Their Tongues, Wolfmangler, etc.
Keywords: drone; drone metal; doom metal; drone doom; ambient doom; experimental; net albums; net labels; Sunn O))); noise; black noise
Downloads: 2,956
[audio]CHIMORA-The Second Cumming of Christ
Chimora's 4th album. Slow crushing drone doom with elements of noise and black metal. Deep throbbing feedback and noisy atmospheric minimalism. In the vein of Gnaw Their Tongues, Moss, Sunn 0)), Burial Chamber Trio.
Keywords: drone; doom; drone doom; noise; experimental; drone metal; net albums; net labels the pet goat; black noise
Downloads: 2,240
[audio]JFP03: The Jesus Fish Experience - Nemo (EP) - The Jesus Fish Experience ; Jew Fish Pie Records
Further Post Rock/Industrial soundscapes directed with a subconscious nautical theme. Blending dissonant droning guitars, rumbling bass frequencies and harmonics, theremin wails,Ebow guitar passages,and driving tribalistic drum patterns engulf the listener into abyssal locked groove dirges that drag them into the depths of what lies in store for them with the titular track: an epic and complex ode to the character of Jule's Verne creation...
Keywords: The Jesus Fish Experience; Jew Fish Pie Records; Post Rock; Drone Metal; Doom Metal; Industrial; Noise Rock; Dark Ambient; Psychedelic; Experimental
Downloads: 88
[audio]Starvation Ritual- The Gallows' Lament - Starvation Ritual
The Gallows' Lament is the third proper release from Starvation Ritual. It is possibly the bands heaviest and slowest record to date. All tracks recorded in late 2009. Cover art by Distorria Mordred.
Keywords: metal; doom; doom metal; funeral doom; funeral doom metal; slow; brutal metal; post-rock; drone metal; experimental metal; brooding; dark; dark music
Downloads: 215
[audio]JFP02: The Jesus Fish Experience - Sonic DOOM - The Jesus Fish Experience,Jew Fish Pie Records
A small album produced in the wake of Argali Record's release: "Songs of Protest,War, & Hate" http://www.archive.org/details/ARGREC01 Sonic DOOM is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of themes,moods,textures found in the various "fringe" or "underground" music gernes that specialize in aggressive,suffocating,abbrassive,unhinged moods,themes,etc: from the mechanical repetition of Industrial to the sense of apocalpytic dread found in Doom and Drone Metal...
Keywords: The Jesus Fish Experience; Jew Fish Pie Records; Nihil Obstat; Argali Records; Post Rock; Industrial; Psychedelic; Post Metal; Drone Metal; Dark Ambient; Krautrock; Noise Rock
Downloads: 111
[audio]CHIMORA- "Live at the Stork Club"
Live recording taken about a year ago at the Stork Club in Oakland. A live set of slow, crushing, heavy and noisy drone doom with elements of black metal and ambient.
Keywords: experimental; noise; doom; drone doom; drone metal; drone; ambient doom; dark ambient; black noise; Chimora; the pet goat; net labels; net albums
Downloads: 1,660
[audio]January 29, 2008 ESP at the Cinemat - Riverbed & Distort
Brother Dolphin Whoa Bro Awesome Grampall Jookabox Electric Serpent Power January 29, 2008 The Cinemat Bloomington, IN Recorded by Ben Myers
Keywords: Cinemat; Whoa Bro Awesome; Sonny Alexander; Eric Alexander; Doog; Brother Dolphin; Electric Serpent Power; Grampall Jookabox; Dave Segedy; Drone Metal; Drums
Downloads: 325
[audio]B A R Live at Melno Cepurīšu Balerija, Jelgava, Latvia, 22.02.13 - B A R
B A R play Melno Cepurīšu Balerija in Jelgava, Latvia, 22nd February 2013. Tracklist: 01 - Thirteen Eighths 02 - The Cross-Swallow 03 - 21.08 04 - Euphonium 05 - Drone Hero www.soundcloud.com/bar_instrumental www.bestamongruins.bandcamp.com
Keywords: B A R, Melno Cepurīšu Balerija, Jelgava, Latvia, 22.02.2013, Band, Live, UK, Latvian, Drone Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Sludge Metal, Drone Metal, Post-Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Drone, Ambient
Downloads: 29
[audio]Magnitudes Of Infinity (ARGREC15) - The Jesus Fish Experience
The Jesus Fish Experience returns to Argali Records with their fourth release: Magnitudes Of Infinity. Several months of planning, composing, recording, and mastering have resulted in the creation of a two-headed behemoth of a composition, the second half featuring the vocal talents of Jordan Hyman of The Game Owls. In a lush marriage of dissonance and harmony, otherworldly soundscapes blend seamlessly with hypnotic rhythms and haunting melodies...
Keywords: The Jesus Fish Experience; The Game Owls; post-metal; drone; drone-metal; post-rock; noise; industrial; post-industrial; ambient; dark ambient; noise rock; shoegaze; post-punk; experimental; Argali Records Netlabel
Downloads: 373
[audio]Marea - KRiOS (Matteo Brusa)
Full length album of instrumental lo-fi shoegazing ambient metal, blending organic and synthetic sounds to expand a musical concept inspired by the vastity of the oceans. Track titles are in Italian language. KRiOS is a one man darkambient/industrial-ambient/noise project from Milan, Italy, founded in 2006 by the multi-instrumentalist and self-taught composer Matteo Brusa.
Keywords: ambient; drone; post-metal; post; metal; shoegaze; shoegazing; soundscape; krios; krios industries; doom; sea; ocean; lo-fi; diy; soundscapes; darkambient; drone metal; shoegazer; dreampop; wall of sound; noise; electronic; cyclic; post-rock; post rock
Downloads: 170 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Body 13 - #101: Sacred Cows - Body 13
Body 13; #101: Sacred Cows 1. Weed Problem 2. Its Bones Are Soft 3. Lions on a Banner 4. A Foot in Place of a Foot 5. In All Creatures Are Lust and Hunger 6. Return of Ghost Sheriff (Werewolves Are Chasing Me) 7. Inflame Thyself in Praying Pt. 2 8. The End of the World Must Be Coming 9. A Great Fire-Red Dragon With Seven Heads and Ten Horns 10. The Long Count 11. I'm Not Here Anymore 12. The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space 13...
Keywords: Experimental; Drone; Dark Ambient; Noise; Ambient; Spoken Word; Electronic; Glitch; Industrial; Post-Rock; Drone Metal; Minimal; Minimalism; Post-Minimalism; Modern Classical; Harsh Noise; Tribal Ambient; Microsound; IDM; Sound Collage; Plunderphonics; Bull of Heaven
Downloads: 107
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